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With over 50+ years of experience over three generations in the business, Meenakshi Group has been serving the top industrialists and construction companies across India with excellent quality TMT bars and is one of the leading companies in the steel manufacturing industry today. Established by Sri Hari Mohan Bansal, this family business has perfected the art of manufacturing the strongest grade of TMT Bars - Meenakshi TMT FE 550D and Meenakshi TMT CRS FE 500 with the revolutionary Z+ Technology to create the highest quality steel products that ensure maximum strength, stability and reliable support for present and future generations.








2000+ PEOPLE

1,00,000 TONS




Our Vision

At Meenakshi, we believe in playing a crucial role in shaping the infrastructural growth and development of India. We are committed to building long-term relationships based on integrity, performance, value, trust and client satisfaction. Our aim is to encourage innovative ways to solve the basic infrastructural problems by strengthening the very foundation of your construction. We believe in providing products that shape the infrastructural growth of India. With the help of our core values - Trust, Integrity, Teamwork and Excellence, the Meenakshi group has grown manifolds over the decades. We have a workforce of around 2000+ hardworking individuals all over India. We place the utmost importance on all aspects of health and safety, for all our employees.

At Meenakshi, we have been learning, adapting, and pioneering change. Our R&D experts constantly work on taking the Meenakshi TMT bar to the next level. The material composition of Meenakshi TMT bars attest to superior weldability with greater foundational support, strength and ductility. The Meenakshi TMT FE550 ‘D’ stands for Ductility which retains the structural integrity of a building in the event of natural disasters such as earthquakes.

Our brief history, our goals & motivation

The Meenakshi Group now has its presence all over India covering over 6 states in 9 different strategic locations. It has been serving the top industrialists and construction companies across India with excellent quality TMT bars and Structural steel. It’s factories are located in Hosur, Pondicherry, Sagar, Datia, Jhansi, Hyderabad and Pune to cater to all your Pan India requirements.

Environmental Responsibility

Meenakshi Steel strives to follow a zero-wastage, non-pollution system to ensure that our production process is sustainable and environmentally friendly. It is our responsibility to take steps to protect our environment to the best of our capabilities and Meenakshi Steel does extensive research and development studies to find the best, environmentally friendly technologies and methods to carry out our processes.

Recycling Slag Waste :

We crush and reuse all slag waste generated from our factories ensuring a sustainable, zero wastage policy.

Reusing Water Waste : 

We filter and reuse all waste water discharge in our factories to ensure zero wastage of water for all our factories around India.

State of the Art Pollution Systems:

We have installed revolutionary pollution technology in our Hosur plant – a fully enclosed hood for our induction furnaces to prevent air pollution in the environment.

Zero Coal Usage Policy:

Our coal usage level is zero in our Hosur, Sagar and Datia plants.

Forestation Drives: 

We have drives to plant trees in and around our factory regions in Hosur, Datia and Sagar to improve the declining forest rate in these regions.


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    Karnataka Meenakshi TMT FE-550D
    Tamil Nadu Meenakshi TMT FE-550D
    Rs.71,200/pmt for all sizes Inc GST, advance payment, including transport
    Rs.71,700/pmt for all sizes Inc GST, advance payment, including transport