FAQ Page

About the company FAQ

1. What is Meenakshi TMT? (company background)

Meenakshi TMT has 65 years of experience in the production of steel TMT and related products. We are a PAN Indian brand and one of the strongest manufacturers and suppliers of TMT products in Bangalore.

2. Where is it located?

Head office is based out of Chennai. Factories are located at Hosur, Puducherry, Hyderabad, Pune, Nagpur, Indore, Jhansi, Sagar, Datia.

3. Production capacity

Cumulatively, our factories together produce roughly 1 lakh tonnes per month.

Dealer FAQs:

1. What is the credit period and to whom is it available?

Credit is only given to dealers with a minimum experience of over 1 year with the company. Credit period of 1-2 days is given after delivery of material for exclusive dealers. Incase payment is not made within the stipulated credit period, TMT can be taken back.

2. Do I have a leeway for part payment?

20% advance payment should be made at the time of placing the order.

3. What are the benefits I get for becoming a Meenakshi dealer?

A host of benefits are provided for Meenakshi dealers. As soon as you become a dealer, you get access to the following:
• Annual international holiday for the family based on achieved targets.
• Quarterly gifts and merchandise.
• Credit given to dealers with a minimum experience of 1+ year with the company.
• Access to efficient customer service.
• Access to engineers for troubleshooting.
• In-store communication support for promoting the brand in terms of wall paintings, dealer board, merchandise etc.

4. How long does it take for the load to reach after placing the order?

2 working days.

5. What sort of advertising does the brand do to create visibility for the brand?

Meenakshi TMT does extensive external communication to promote the brand. Bus backs, bus shelters, hoardings, wall paintings, load vehicle branding, product brochures, merchandise etc.

6. Is there any dealer specific communication available?

Yes. Meenakshi TMT takes great care of its dealers and believes in extending its brand communication expertise to its dealers. As a Meenakshi Dealer, you get the following:
• Exclusive dealer visiting cards.
• Wall painting.
• Dealer boards.
• Doing up the cabin.
• Branding for your load vehicle.

7. Can I request for additional brand merchandise ?

Yes. The Meenakshi brand merchandise is available for you to distribute to your clients. The Meenakshi salesman will regularly supply you with merchandise that you can use.

8. Will Meenakshi TMT replace / redo damaged / faded in store communication?

Communication elements tend to wear and tear due to vagaries of nature or maybe accidents. If the wall paintings, dealer board, cabin etc. require replacement, you can reach out to your area marketing manager and he will assess the requirement and replace it for you.

Today's Meenakshi TMT Price
Karnataka Meenakshi TMT FE-550D
Tamil Nadu Meenakshi TMT FE-550D
Rs.71,200/pmt for all sizes Inc GST, advance payment, including transport
Rs.71,700/pmt for all sizes Inc GST, advance payment, including transport